Cars of the 1940s
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Cars of the 1940s

Cars of the Fascinating 40s celebrates the remarkable automobiles of a turbulent time. America s automakers did their part to hasten victory abroad. And when World War II ended, there was money to spend and boundless optimism, among the American automakers and the American people alike. Automobile innovations abounded, fueled by technology that was developed during the war. The modern V-8 engine arrived, and new conveniences like air conditioning and the automatic transmission became more prevalent.

The pages of Cars of the Fascinating 40s are packed with brilliant chrome grills, swooping fenders, and handsome paint jobs. You ll enjoy:

Hundreds of incredible photos of vintage cars, including the Chrysler Town & Country wagon, Cadillac LaSalle, Plymouth DeLuxe coupe, Lincoln Zephyr, Buick Roadmaster, Oldsmobile B-44, Tucker Torpedo, Willys Jeep, and Hudson Commodore Custom 8
A year-by-year look at the major models from Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, American Bantam, Crosley, Graham, Hupmobile, Hudson, Kaiser-Frazer, Nash, Packard, and Studebaker
Lively original ads, historical photos, and promotional illustrations of the cars of the 1940s
Fascinating stories and trivia relating to the cars of the 1940s

Whether you re a hardcore car enthusiast or a history buff, Cars of the Fascinating 40s will take you on a wonderful ride. It s a colorful, captivating review of a unique period in the American story.

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